Some Most Interesting Facts About Physics

One of the interesting fact about chemistry is study of physics is just like study of whole universe and in this subject we can learn how universe works. Physics is one of the most interesting subject and also useful for not only those who learn this subject but also for common man. The world works in some truly bizarre ways, and however you may require a PhD degree to understand the real facts comprehend why, you just need a feeling of wonderment to acknowledge how. Here are ten of the most interesting things physicists have found about our universe and everyone has to know this facts for common understanding and knowledge because if you really have some interest in this subject then these facts will helps you to solve your physics questions in your physics tests so guys just have a small look here to get the knowledge of physics facts.

1). The dead see is full of salt and we can easily float on it without any fear of drowning.

2). Light which comes from remote stars could reveal about temperature, pressure elements present on it for speed of orbital rotation.

3). Quantum computer use spin of an electron to store the information that's the reason this known as quantum bit and this helps quantum computer to calculate faster as compare to classical computers.

4). Our Universe is very frequently expanding for understand this facts everyone should watch tv show big bang theory was amazing explanation about the universe and sure you will enjoy this.

5). shadow appears to have a speed faster then light but in real life shadow is absence of light.

6). The most deepest location on earth is present in mariana trench which is deep 11 K.M. from north pacific ocean.

7). Everything we can see in universe is just 5% of total universe rest is dark energy.

8). All objects fall on earth in same speed means gravity works same for all object if you try to fall 2 object at same time they would fall on earth on same and exact time.

9). when temperature is go down as minus 40 degree Celsius this condition is same temperature minus 40 degree feFahrenheit.

10). Light is always comes in wave forms.

So we hope guys you all like this common facts of physics get the regular update of physics question and answers with wifistudy, Are you planning to give physics test in any competitive and entrance exams these facts is really helpful even you can ask with your friends.   


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